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    Unknown Sword

    So I found a sword in the back of the armoury on level 3, it seems to be unique in design as it doesn't have a thrusting point and it's description is odd. It says the weapons balance shifts as it's swung, and that this feels strange but could be used to great effect. What does this mean? Is...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I meant in real life it's not an effective way of using the weapon, it's designed to be swung
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I'd like to see thrust attacks on maces changed to a low to high swing, as thrusting with a mace seems like an ineffective use of the weapon. I'd also like to see crossbows implemented eventually, though it will take some thought to find a way to make accurate long range shots from an isometric...
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    Update, we need an update!

    I hate to break it to you but a couple times Madoc has said that online multiplayer isn't a guaranteed thing if they can't get it to work. LAN is pretty much confirmed, but it's impossible to have this sort of game online unless the ping is super low, like under 30
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    A question about Necromancy

    How far under the world of SG is Exanima? Would it be possible to access a part of it in SG? If so I'd probably use it as my base of operations
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    I can't be the only one...

    I just did a playthrough where I avoided fights as much as possible and made it through the portal, good tip!
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    A question about Necromancy

    Good. My plan for the game involves becoming an established necromancer and occupying some dungeons or similar location and populating it with undead to guard it while I horde magical items and knowledge inside
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    A question about Necromancy

    So there isn't a way for a Necromancer to create undead thralls, so much as raising dead an training them like guard dogs? Or would it be possible for a Necromancer to mind-control a raised undead and use them that way?
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    A small suggestion about leveling

    Could we have some sort of indicator that tells us when we've mastered a skill? I know it seems like quite a small problem, but I often forget to check to see if I can start learning a new one. Nothing big like the golden beam of light and fanfare you get in WoW, just some small indicator down...
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    A question about Necromancy

    So in a lot of RPG's a common theme is that Necromancy is a dark branch of magic, but I'm starting to believe that it's not inherently evil in SG/Exanima. For example, in D&D 5e it specifically states that if left without instructions, reanimated corpses are driven to kill any living thing by...
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    I can't be the only one...

    I'm not going to give up on a game that isn't even finished yet. I think I'll do a lot better once they add thaumaturgy, I always do better as a spellcaster in video games
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    I can't be the only one...

    I can finish the expert practice arena fine, I honestly don't know why I can wipe the floor with these heavily armoured knights yet I get stomped by zombies
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    I can't be the only one...

    Please tell me I'm not the only one with nearly 50 hours on Exanima and still struggling to make it to the portal? I've tried countless times but I've never actually seen the portal with my own eyes. Is anyone else as bad as me or am I the ruling reagent of Exanima scrubs?
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    Coming back after a long break

    So I've not played Exanima nor have I been on the forums for near 6 months now, and jumped into it again today. Wow, so much has changed. I love the new arena (or did after I figured out how it worked) and the thrusting attacks. One thing that I did find odd is theres been a couple instances in...
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    @Faelivrin Come at me bro


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