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    Update imminent!

    I'm glad to hear the core development philosophy still stands. If anyone can do this as it was envisioned in the Kickstarter, it's Bare Mettle. Keep up the good work!
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    Exanima 0.6 Released

    Absolutely amazing, as I'm sure you're aware of. The future's exciting. On the note of the journal, I think it'd be good to have some sort of 'base entry' marking off the beginning of your quest (or some kind of hint on how to use it properly), and have the rest written by yourself. Having your...
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    Add Whip Combat

    @J.G. Elmslie There's a massive flail-wielding enemy in the Kickstarter pitch video here, at 8:55 in. It doesn't look like a player character could use that one effectively.
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    Exanima OST Preview

    I love it, a lot of orchestral music in games tends to stick to background ambience and doesn't have the stones to want to be on the foreground. In XA/SG it's helping a lot to set the atmosphere properly. In the first track, are you using EastWest's symphonic choirs library? It really sounds...
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    From the Kickstarter campaign: It's uncertain whether this is currently a priority, but they're mostly working on completing the game. Unless by iOS you meant mobile platforms. Since the game is designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard it's unlikely to happen.
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    observations from demo: areas that could be improved.

    Great post! I'd like to to point out two specific points though, since they've already been talked about to some extent: 2. UI/equipment dots The dots are, according to Madoc, not that great of an indication of how good your armour is, and that it's more based on actual visual coverage. I'm not...
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    Hatred - what to think?

    I like that they've picked something dangerous, and the trailer works for conveying that. Most developers wouldn't dare make a game like this for the reception alone. But you can't tell from the trailer at all what the gameplay is like besides shooting people. Since there's a lot of killing...
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    Exanima Released

    I've only seen the trailer for the first time (been super busy!) and it's fantastic. I thought it was great the player kept running from danger to show how that works, and eventually turned to face it. It nailed Exanima so well that two people I know who were previously disinterested...
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    Found a way to enable follow camera in combat

    I believe this was once a selectable option in the menu in early combat alpha builds due to popular request, but Bare Mettle weren't a huge fan of the feature.
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    Exanima Greenlit on Steam

    Never had any doubts. Things can only get better from here!
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    Exanima 0.4.1 Released and Greenlight Progress

    I'll miss the latch delay. It gave an extra sense of weight and importance to doors, and entering new areas. Granted they still have that because you have to swing them open yourself, but it was cool.
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    Exanima gaining traction!

    It looks like gaming news websites are starting to pick up on the Exanima greenlight: Comments seem pretty positive so far!
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    Questions about Copies on Multiple Computers

    Yes, this is possible, even with the eventual Steam release. Steam has an option to share games from your account with your family which allows someone to play your games while you're not playing them yourself (Steam > Settings > Family > Family Library Sharing). The game is not yet on Steam...
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    Will Sue Generis include modification support?

    @Faelivrin I believe Madoc doesn't mind too much as long as the tools (or worse, the assets, which I believe would be illegal) don't become public. The general idea is that BM first wants a chance to deliver the game as they've envisioned it, with all the mystery and intrigue intact. (edit) I'm...
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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    Congratulations to all of Bare Mettle, thanks for your work around the clock to make this possible. I hope you'll finally get some of the praise you deserve. Also loving that music in the video @Bethain


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