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    Recommend me a laptop (or compact pc)?

    Well, there are plenty of small tower options but I'm not an expert on those. Here is something you gotta take into account, if you buy that laptop, or any other gaming laptop, it will age faster than a PC and you might run into overheating issues, especially after a year or two of use. If I...
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    Recommend me a laptop (or compact pc)?

    I guess it's kind of ok as far as laptops go, but I'd go with a larger SSD/RAM option. Are you certain that a proper PC is not an option for you?
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    Coffee Diary 14/9/20

    Well, now that you have explained your approach I guess it does make a lot more sense now, some weapon elements did appear nearly non existent in game. For some reason It does not apply for all bladed weapons however, 5th level arming sword has elegant lines which can be easily perceived by the...
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    Coffee Diary 14/9/20

    Thank you for your reply, As long as they are not going to be the "main" type shape wise that's alright. I must stay true to my own jaded self however and point out that most arming swords of 14th and 15the century tended to have somewhat slimmer cross guards and grips. I'm sure you have...
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    Coffee Diary 14/9/20

    My apologies for posting in this thread, it's not really meant for discussions and criticisms but I've got fierce urge to do so. All of the swords you have shown above have a certain design drawback (taste related I know) which I have not seen in this game so far, they are all a little bit over...
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    The Level 1 timed lever puzzle is a fucking joke

    Just set the game to easy in the menu.
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    Coffee Diary 17/8/20

    When the crawfish whistles on the mountain!
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    The Werewolf dudes seem OP

    actually, once you grasp the combat mechanics the game becomes kind of easy. And it just takes some time to do that, you don't even need any real tactics apart from, like not agrooing 4 enemies at once.
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    The Werewolf dudes seem OP

    Get better at the game, they are not op at all. Except for the largest breed.
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    This game is a design mess

    I got 517 hours so get good casul.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Some are somewhat more resilient and responsive in combat than others however they all suffer from the same mistakes AI does in this game. They also do not last very long even with the best equipment and overall tend to be more of a nuisance. They are just another thing you have to constantly...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Skill caps are usually an all around bad decision in pve exploration rpgs like exanima. You might say this game has a tactical aspect to it, but it doesn't really work in real time combat, there are far too many variables. Enemy positions are not static on the level, you can get jumped on by 4...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I've got a question about a certain thought some of the devs decided to implement, why did you put a cap on the amount of skills one can learn? Or is it just a bug?
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    I see, they are reworking it all once again meanwhile working on the new stuff as well. Well, duh..That's why you need a large team I guess. Cool, thanks for the update.


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