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    HELLO, WHAT happened to THE SOCKET?!

    Alright, I thought they nerfed the mask for a second there. Btw, I've encountered an accidental teleportation gate, I don't recommend walking into it unless strictly for science;
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    Exanima Beta

    Has anyone found at least one non default weapon then? I haven't been able to find a single "procedural sword" that looked like those that were showed to us in Coffee Diary thread.
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    HELLO, WHAT happened to THE SOCKET?!

    Hey guys and gals, Devs and Moderators, Could you please tell me what happened to the SOCKET of THE STRANGE MASK? Where is my socket? I need only one, please? WHERE IS IT? Is it a bug or a...
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    Exanima Beta

    "Items can now be made from varying materials, materials can add traits" So does it mean players are now able to craft items or that items can obtain random properties as loot?
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    Exanima Beta

    What else could I mean apart from your act? Kiittes what? Come on, you got your fish by the hook, now try to pull me out.
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    Exanima Beta

    What's your problem, mate?
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    This game is a design mess

    Bah come on, I know you weren't attacking me, I just decided to you know, attack you a bit first! In any case, I really do think that getting lost in the maze for a while and trying to find your way out of it for a while is a part of the game, it's a gameplay feature. On top of it Exanima is a...
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    This game is a design mess

    You could justify it all, including skyrim like navigation system and quest pointers, even, if Exanima map size was at least 3 times larger. As it is right now getting lost seems to be part of the game, otherwise the game would feel far too short and cramped. Devs want you to get lost, do you...
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    This game is a design mess

    I'm very bad at reading maps, for reasons and I'll leave it at that, but even I could manage to find my way out or figure out where i am most of the time during my first playthroughs. This is not the problem that the game has in of itself, it is, and i'm sorry for saying this, the dumbed down...
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    Coffee Diary 25/1/21

    Nope, 2 to 4 weeks now I think. I've been in the same phase as you are until Madoc himself converted me to his belief system of game developing!
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Love the sword idea, Dark Messiah was awesome, one of my fav games! The manner in which the sword would have to constructed would have to be very different though.
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    Coffee Diary 18/1/21

    First, they will most likely work on "pawarz" later on. As for abilities I've seen in a lot of different games they don't tend to impress me that much. Flashy ranged attacks, AI manipulation, mini Garry's mod and noclips. And don't forget flashiness. If that's what excites you then you've got no...
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    Coffee Diary 11/1/21

    I've killed all ants.
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    Coffee Diary 16/11/20

    You have managed to produce armor textures with great color scheme properties that are a pleasure to look at. There is however something far more important which you haven't touched upon yet juding from the screenshot you have showed above. The armor textures (or is it the object itself in this...
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