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    How good are you?

    My play style has been the same since I started the combat alpha, One handed sword, no shield. I thought it was a rather heroic thing, to fight like that, since all the flashy movie heroes always did it. I quickly learned this wasn't applicable in a real life situation, but.. I continued anyway...
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    Footwork Tips and tricks

    You should always watch your opponent, but I find people that focus too much on keeping the cross hair on their enemy, they forget how to move their feet in more effective ways.
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    Footwork Tips and tricks

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    Stairs in the first level.

    how in fucks name did you get up there?!
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Spinning slash attack boys
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    Revised advanced combat tutorial.

    Delay's are difficult from differant angles, RTL being the easist. It's like a fake almost, but the swing comes out faster because the sword is in a wind up position. It's kinda hard to explain
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    Revised advanced combat tutorial.

    I don't use them that often because i haven't practiced with em. But against armor I find brute force is necessary against. I would probably use them more often if i used spears.
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    Revised advanced combat tutorial.

    A few months ago I made an advanced guide that was rather rushed. I think I've improved it quite some bit. Hopefully this helps people that have plateaued.
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    Camera is too far back

    What is this a game for ants?
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    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord at Gamescom

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    LMB for LtR attacks, RMB for RtL attack, mouse config.

    I've been playing since combat alpha, and I can say that it's not 100 percent reliable. Tiny things can affect the way the swing comes out, and it just makes things too complicated.
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    Controls feeling crisp... but dem insta-overheads T.T

    nah man, I have faith that they'll fix this issue. since it only started in the last few patches it may be easy to track down
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    Sui Generis crime and punishment.

    Reinstalling now
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    Sui Generis crime and punishment.

    Will there be prisons in SG? Can you steal things, and rob stores? How will guards react when you kill someone?


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