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    Coffee Diary 11/1/21

    Great quality as always. Can't wait for the upcoming update. I do have a few questions; Will the update be save game compatible? Will this update also include the arena update? And lastly, a while ago I read that this update might improve game performance, is this still the case after all the...
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    Coffee Diary 24/8/20

    Have you played with the idea of scabbards and weapon holders on belts? I think it would look really cool on the models
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    Coffee Diary 22/6/20

    Beautiful! One of the few games where I fully trust the developers to continuously take the right decisions.
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    So Then Blue Eyed Golem...

    Thanks alot man!
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    So Then Blue Eyed Golem...

    Is there a map available where I can find him, I have wandered through level 5 for what seems like an eternity but just cant seem to find any keys or this boss..
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    Blood effects and wounds

    Hi there, I am not sure if this has already been discussed, but are there any ideas for placing in wound textures on bodies? This could range from bleeding wounds to open gashes on corpses or heavily wounded characters to even dismemberment of limbs. Also is there a possibility for blood...
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    Thoughts about new enemies (spoilers)

    I would think the gems would use the same idea as soul gems in Elder Scroll games. Whereby the dead souls of other people might power them..


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