Saving option


Hey everybody,

I love the new update, the new map is lots of fun and I really like how the devs are playing with verticalism in the environment these last few map updates. This does however bring additional problems with it, my character has bugged out a few times while traversing very precarious terrain causing me to fall in the multitude of ravines in the newest level (like your character trips on something but rather than getting up just keeps falling until you eventually fall of the edge). Usually I wouldn't complain too much about these things, but it's happened 3 times in a row now and every time I have to grind my way back just to hopefully not fall in again. There is one save spot in game already but with the amount of levels added to the game since it takes such a long time to grind your way back to where you were. Would it be possible to add a new save point to the game or to just add a saving option and an ironman mode?


Seems like your prayers have been answered lol they just mentioned a potential late game save mechanic in the newest coffee diary just shortly after you posted this. Also I suggest taking off your armor to do the "platforming" puzzles, your character will have better balance and be less top heavy and prone to tripping or falling over on uneven ground


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