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    Exanima 0.7.0

    Whoah. Thank you for the update! That was extraordinarily exciting to read! I kind of want to play with that "magic pincer" that lets you toss character models around. :-3 It looks startlingly fun.
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    Fast Paced Games

    I love Super Smash Bros Melee. When you get really good, it gets absurdedly fast. You need lightning-fast reflexes, both visual and reflexive, to survive against the tougher human opponents. Smash Bros Brawl's AI is very good on the highest setting, but the gameplay is slightly slower. The...
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    An Update

    Acds's post above hit the nail on the head. As nice as it would be to be "looking over the Devs' shoulders," it would still be true that the majority of the work would be considered "WTF is that?" to the average gamer, and even the bepassioned follower. Best of luck to the internal...


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