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    Shields are broken.

    Tony is a pretty good player if you know how to position yourself right and use footwork at the right time you can get hits vs shield players at the right time when they are even a bit exposed and some weapons like polearms can hit around the shield if you practice it a bit
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    What weapons would you like to see in the game?

    Oh hello PC genie is here too
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    Things we saw at the Sui Generis gameplay that arent in exanima

    My bad then shouldnt have started this topic at all im just tired of all the waiting and i just want it to come out
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    Things we saw at the Sui Generis gameplay that arent in exanima

    why even show it if it wont come in the late game i dont see anything gamebreaking with those mechanics tho
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    Things we saw at the Sui Generis gameplay that arent in exanima

    Why are there pretty much finished stuff in the sui generis gameplay that dont appear in exanima like Skeletons breaking to pieces 2:27 and also the magic spells you can see in the gameplay why arent those added already in the game i mean 6 years passed you can copy paste it i believe
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    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    Tharazane or Earth elemental
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    Help me with foot work

    Here you go
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    Question about gear progression in SG

    Probably not unless they change how hard it is to fight different tipes of enemies well knights normally had a 21 year training so they where pretty much ready for whatever tipe of attack you was going to do no matter what weapon you will try to use
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    Wounds, limps, and complete limb disablement

    i would like to see limbs getting cut off but not seeing enemies being unable to fight because of a limb injury it would make the game way too easy
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    Master Thief Tyrek Escapes the Arena!

    why would you want to go there
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    Master Thief Tyrek Escapes the Arena!

    OMG Please tell me how to do it where is the key pls no just say it
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    Character Height/Weight in Pugilism Matches

    not true if you know how to use your weight and force against a smaller guy its easier to defeat him and you can keep him out of reach the thing that small guys always win against bigger ones is a hollywood thing that was made for the movie fights to look better
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    Couldn t the alternate attack button act as LMB (attack)?

    probably the other buttons are going to be used later for other things in the main game
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    unused key?

    never went in that room i usually go around smaking undead with chair legs to the head in story mode and getting killed by sir im gona check it and if i find anything good gona reply back
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    What are you playing?

    Witcher 3 second playthrough,Heroes and Generals,Assassins Creed 4,Exanima,Counter Strike Global Offensive,Arma3


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