Things we saw at the Sui Generis gameplay that arent in exanima

The Witcher

Why are there pretty much finished stuff in the sui generis gameplay that dont appear in exanima like Skeletons breaking to pieces 2:27
and also the magic spells you can see in the gameplay why arent those added already in the game i mean 6 years passed you can copy paste it i believe


Those are all far from finished, actually -- they're just placeholder mechanics. I believe they could break the game if they just tried to copy-paste these, but I'm no programmer. It's just what I've previously heard in response to this question. Also I actually doubt that skeletons will end up breaking into pieces in the final version, but who knows.


There's a huge difference between having a prototype and having something in a playable state. Pretty much everything in the SG vids were prototypes designed to function under a very specific set of conditions which BM could use for demonstration purposes to show what they wanted to achieve.

It most certainly is a lot more complex than simply copying/pasting old code. In order to get a prototype into a game ready, playable state they have to design all of the supporting mechanics as well that will function properly under all conditions and not just a specific test scenario. Much of the old code/assets used to create the stuff in the early SG vids simply is not compatible anymore. An example would be almost all of the wearable gear in the early days wasn't designed to use the slotless inventory system so wouldn't be compatible with the current version.
I imagine the skeletons breaking into many pieces could be quite detrimental to frame rates and the like. and it's going to conflict with gameplay features like accessing inventories of corpses and stuff.


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