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    More control options

    That's the issue. You are not supposed to rotate the camera while fighting. Instead, the idea is to get used to fight an opponent no matter if the camera is behind you, in front of you, or anywhere else. Try to leave the camera alone and you will see how you won't get dizzy anymore.
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    "auto-battle" function

    Yes, yes you do. You will have complete control over what skills they learn, when they learn them and what equipment they use.
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    Different layer of armour

    Dyes and lacquers will be implemented in the future so that you can change the color of your items.
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    "auto-battle" function

    Auens, What you request will be implemented in the future in the form of 'hirelings'. Hirelings are mercenaries that you can recruit to fight for you. When they fight, you don't control them -the AI does- and you can observe the fight as an spectator.
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    Healing potions

    I believe that the point of BM's 'brand' of fantasy is to build a world where players can actually apply real world ideas and general common sense. 'Fantasy means screw logic' is very much the antithesis of what BM is trying to do.
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    Silly Konggary... Saitama doesn't test bugs, he one-punches them.
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    Weapon sheath on the character?

    Different strokes for different folks. The more realistic things look and behave the more fun I have.
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    [OPINION] Repeated Failure is Getting Frustrating

    I've never had this experience. In my playthroughs, having a weapon equipped while not being in combat mode has been as safe as having no weapon equipped at all. My recommendation: grab a weapon and as long as you 1) don't enter combat mode, 2) don't get too close to a zombie and 3) don't...
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Honestly I'm very glad games like KCD exist. If you look at first person shooters and how they have evolved since their appearence, there is a noticeable tendency towards realism both in mechanics and aesthethics. Yet, the same is not true if you look at games that revolve around melee combat...
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    [Feedback/Sugestion on melee system]As veteran of melee games I really want to...

    Frankly, I'd advise you not to press the space bar at all when fighting. You will become a much better fighter if you leave the camera alone and learn to fight from any camera position. The latest beta includes unarmed attacks. Only punching (straights, hooks and uppercuts) so far. More moves...
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    Any reason not to use shields?

    Excellent change!
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    *SPOILERS* Weird sword *SPOILERS*

    No; we have a weapon that is as balanced as a sword and yet generates as much momentum as a warhammer. That of course shouldn't normally be possible but that's why it's a magical weapon after all.
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    Overhead swings: are they what they are all cracked up to be ?

    Yesterday night Madoc was on his beam channel and I asked him about how thrusts will work. He replied that they will work exactly as the 'GAMES > combat' section of the site describes, that is to say, thrusts will allow us to target specific body parts by using the cursor as a very precise...
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    Overhead swings: are they what they are all cracked up to be ?

    If you navigate to the 'GAMES' section of the site (see menu at the top) and then scroll down to Sui Generis > Combat, there is this insightful tidbit of information: So the original plan was to allow for very precise thrusts that can be aimed at specific body parts. That's old information...
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    Overhead swings: are they what they are all cracked up to be ?

    A little concern: thrusts are supposed to be able to target body parts with pinpoint accuracy, which obvisouly wouldn't work very well under the current system. Will cursor behavior be overhauled when thrusts are implemented? If so, will such overhaul only affect thrusts or will it extend to...


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