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    Holy shit this looks awesome! :D

    About shields

    Punching people with 2 bucklers with spikes would be hilarious xD

    [spoilers] questions, questions, questions...

    Actually I did when I started writing this post :p It reduced its volume by a bit too. I think it does stack. I barely get any red damage when fully armored (even from the troll). Big cutting weapons might deal some, as well a a bad hit with fast 1h swords or a big maul swing landing on a...

    More Arena Modes?

    The more options to customize arena the better imo. It's not bound by the same logic/sense restrictions as the dungeon mode. It's mainly for learning/testing/showing the content purpose. EDIT: monster arena mode would be cool too.

    [spoilers] questions, questions, questions...

    -how did "zombies" become what they are now? We know the thugs were sending people down. But they were not bodies, but living people. We know the presence fucks up minds of those inside the ruins, but it does not just kill them. If Papin (is thats the apprentice necromancer's name?) had to hide...

    Regarding Level 4

    I don't know, one of my tries to take down sir (unsuccesful might I add), he knocked me down to the ground with like 1/5 hp left and the bracelet healed me pretty quickly to almost full (I think). Still got my ass knocked to the ground again and again. I'm not skilled enough to kill it with a sword.

    The level 4

    Now i see it, thx. As for the parchment , well its not written in some ancient, weird style, but it pretty much suggests that it belonged to one of the guys from the 'first time'; whose job was to stay down there and make sure none of the guardian's minions get through to their buddies on upper...

    The level 4

    The pic doesnt load ;_; Hmm the door seem slightly bigger (or maybe I just think so) as the troll gets through them easily. I still find it kinda puzzling. I mean did the humans build that portal? Why not build it somewhere else/deeper? And if they found the portal, how did they even find it...

    The level 4

    Hmm did not think about pillars of eternity at first :O But this whole descend feels like the adra titan's (and its copper veins) mega-dungeon if you think about it. Which I like. Found poe to be alot of fun. Not only it feels mysterious and shit, but also the difficulty and (for the most part)...

    so the... Troll

    There might be something to it. Managed to collect all the lore pieces (i think) and whack down everything that was lively enough to stumble around the dungeon. Now I have what I've found - more questions than answers.

    so the... Troll

    If that was a good ring... Well I see your point more clearly now, but I still think it would feel better if something happened when you kill it. If not an ingredient to remove, then maybe some hint, piece of lore, some more insight. Something that reveals a little more of its...

    so the... Troll

    Depending on what would you like to cut out from him. Thats exacly why I split it into know/assume sections. It pretty much looks like a boss compared to anything else you met on levels 1-3. As for context, you find pieces of lore about guardian and his minions (other notes dont say much...

    so the... Troll

    We know that it has joints, limbs, head, claws. We know it walks on two legs. We know that it takes more damage from hits to the head. We know it can knock you down/sweep you off your feet easily. We know it bleeds when hit. We know its blood is red. We see how bulky its body is. Its able to...

    Some possible improvements

    You said it yourself, you would not choose new difficulties. And if they called medium one the original difficulty intended? (meaning no changes whatsoever, as I desribed it in the beggining) Would that make it right? Anyway, if I get it correct, you're afraid, that if there were difficulties...

    so the... Troll

    If it has a gender its morelikely a boy than a girl lol. Then it could eat things. So it could have something inside of it. Or you could cut out some organ or something. Im sure there would be plenty of uses for such creatures body parts. It could have some weapon stuck into its body, from some...


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