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    New Arena (v Beta)

    konggary +1 all is true
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    Slt burgzaza, bon quand ece que tu nous fait un debrief sur canard pc (moi c'est slinkyslk)...

    Slt burgzaza, bon quand ece que tu nous fait un debrief sur canard pc (moi c'est slinkyslk) ps: tes dessins sont superbe !
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Best dev in the world !!!!! thanks you sui generis; 'ok take my money I love the project but hard to do' exanima; ' whoua I don't hope this but this is so good, when entering level 4 mama !' Arena uptade; 'Big thanks to you all Baremetle Dev, thanks you, my video game's dream...
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    Old forgotten French castle reclaimed by nature

    Nous avons de très beau châteaux en France c'est vrai :)
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    What's Next?

    Good job ! like a dream, 100% with you baremettle
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    This is the best game I have ever played. Though it's missing one element...

    Incredible game, I have finish and clear level 4. the felling is good, gold, beautifull sound, perfect immersive. I thinks the portal is darkness like in berserk. Sir is a good challenge and fear is coming.
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    Music Thread

    Hi, this is my sound, enjoy
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Hi, idea, what are you thinking for: destructible/degraduable wooden shields so if it possible it will be very intersting in arena combat, and metal shield will be more efective naturaly.
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    thx you ;)

    thx you ;)


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