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    Yes, bows and crossbows are pretty damn powerful. The church even tried to ban them because they were so grossly unfair. Didn't work, just put the law-abiding at a massive disadvantage. In a game, however, I doubt the developers want (cross)bows to be the be-all-end-all of combat, especially...
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    Wondering how a player without a shield will avoid enemies with bows and crossbows. The current animations and combat stances don't seem to leave much room for ducking and weaving...
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    Thoughts on the Two-handed Sword?

    Surely there is something special about it? Or maybe it goes to show that just because your player character in Exanima 'feels' something, it doesn't neccessarily make it true.
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    So Then Blue Eyed Golem...

    I had some problems with him, but mostly because he defeated me on my first try, leaving my electric mace at his feet when I woke up.
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    :spoilers: crystal powers

    I gathered as much, but what does the blue crystal do in the armour? I used my last one on the mace, and the giant one won't fit anywhere. EDIT: nevermind, found out in another thread. I don't really find the extra weight too difficult to deal with though, perhaps because I've maxed out the...
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    :spoilers: crystal powers

    Powered in what way? I assumed the blue crystals only did anything in the mace. ..I tried putting one into the mask and walking into electricity, but that didn't work out very well.
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    So uh, anyone figured out what to do with the
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    I suppose I haven't made it far enough into the new level yet; I don't understand a single one of these bullet points :s
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    Weird errors: Character/parts of character do not load

    Spooky. Try covering all bare skin with clothing and perhaps put a paper sack over your head if you want to fit in with society again...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    What was the 20,4mb update that pushed just now? EDIT: Nevermind, found it in the steam forums.
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    Yeah, and there's even a gate that can be locked from the portal's side in level 3.
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    About shields

    By the way, is anything planned for shield+unarmed combat? Currently, wielding a shield in one hand and nothing in the other will completely prevent you from being able to attack.
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    Exanima story

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the scroll found on one of the level 4 skeletons mentioning
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    again, does not open the door at an early level

    No, it crashes the game every single time. Once I reload, I spawn behind the portal on level 4. EDIT: I see that this has been addressed in the hotfix, so I'm assuming it should work again now.
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    again, does not open the door at an early level

    And how did he bring back items from level 4? I can't do that.


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