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    Exanima 0.7.2 Released

    Awesome! Thanks for the update, cant wait to try it.
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    Update imminent!

    Thank you Madoc for the news and the hard work. It is just wonderful to see updates about Exanima! Looking forward to the update.
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    Countdown to the date of the last released update

    I keep watching that timer every day... Following this game's development makes me way too annoyed. FeelsBadMan
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    What's taking so long?

    I'm always fascinated by the design Baremettle makes. They somehow find the balance between fantasy and historical.
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    What's taking so long?

    Thanks for the update! It's really good to read some news on the development. Keep up the good work, can't wait to try out the new content!
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    I was hoping that the "body" include something like blood magic. EDIT: that and displacement is what i'm looking forward to.
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    That is good to know! Thank you very much for letting me know, Sir.
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    It was a long time ago when we, plebs, heard anything about the upcoming update. I'm sure the insider forums got more information, if you guys could at least tell us if it's coming soon or later.
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    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    I love Exanima. But i hate arenas and dungeons. ;_;
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    Three ribbon door!

    I couldn't find it anywhere, so i just killed the golems :D
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    Three ribbon door!

    Is there any ? I just cant find it. I thought maybe there is no for it.
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    alchemy making potions

    You wont be able to craft, sadly. But some people will be able to craft you some stuff, I think.
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    Exanima (public beta)

    I loaded my last save and i dont see that anything would be changed. Should i restart the level to recive the updates?
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    Blood effects and wounds

    I'm sure that dismemberment and blood on environment are planed. But i guess its not the top priority project.
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    Profile pictures Thread

    Mine is the one and only Ring Bearer, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy!


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