It was a long time ago when we, plebs, heard anything about the upcoming update. I'm sure the insider forums got more information, if you guys could at least tell us if it's coming soon or later.


The insider forums have been rather quiet of late as well. However, many of the devs are on the Discord channel every day and it is more active than the forums have been.

The update is getting closer to release but Madoc is still working on the NPC interaction and dialogue mechanics. It's taking a bit longer than planned since he decided to create the mechanics so they'll be able to support the more advanced interactions in Sui Generis (a bit overkill for Exanima) but this way he won't have to redo them in the future.


What else is coming on top of dialogue and NPC stuff? Did you say there'd be another level?
Yes, there will be another level included in the update. I believe there will also be at least one more unlockable character but that falls under "NPC interactions" I suppose. The upcoming level will feature quite a few new art assets and it'll take advantage of the new terrain system as well so it should look quite different from the previous areas.


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