1. Kraasel

    Some issues when trying to close the game (friendly, not forced)

    the image errors here ( Three errors: Error saving game progress; Error processing cursor state deactivation; Error changing GUI Focus. If have any method to solve this, I'll be happy.
  2. GreyScaleHarlequin

    Found an Item, REPORT THIS.

    Found this item in-game, and I guess this is me reporting it. Was this a joke you guys put in or have I done something wrong on my system?
  3. Satorii

    Character position overflow and other errors

    edit: This is version! So, just after getting the night vision helmet, I encountered a series of errors preceded by my character seeming to "sink" into the ground and all of a sudden having its whole mesh extrude so far out it covers the whole screen. Here are a series of screenshots. I...


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