Character position overflow and other errors


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So, just after getting the night vision helmet, I encountered a series of errors preceded by my character seeming to "sink" into the ground and all of a sudden having its whole mesh extrude so far out it covers the whole screen. Here are a series of screenshots. I will also outline the things I did right before this happened below.


Here is my character exploding. His name is Ser Kittnes (get it?). While in non-combat, primary weapon mode (torch and mace), I equipped the helmet and unequipped the torch right after. The blue light aura hasn't activated yet so I switched to secondary weapon mode (which had the same mace equipped, but with a shield) and it activated then. Immediately after, I switched back to primary weapon mode. Then, to exit the inventory windows, I pressed Tab, activating combat mode (hence the red cursor). Right after this, Ser Kittne is immobilized and starts kind of melting feet first, seemingly sinking in the ground. This is followed by Ser Kittnes stretching outward in all directions and sounds of armor being hit and poor old Ser Kittnes screaming in pain. The weird part is, he didn't seem to be taking damage. Anyway, while all this is happening a couple error windows showed up.





I manage to exit after that last dialog (the game was stuttering heavily; it was very slow going) and I tried to reload. I was greeted with more error windows but this time, no Ser Kittnes.



These aren't all the error windows that showed up, I might have missed one or two in the confusion.
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