1. J

    Arena Outfitting Hand and Black Viewport Graphical Glitch

    Machine specifications o Windows 10 x64 o GeForce GTX 960M o Nvidia Drive 411.63 o Exanima V I was outfitting my player-controlled character in the arena mode at the “adept” level giving him chain gauntlets, spaulders of the splint kind and plate couters all of which were of...
  2. Onibigsun

    Game stopped working

    Recently made a post about how my game essentially stopped working upon entering the 5th level of the Dungeon. Now unfortunately I cannot play the game, When I load the same file it does the same thing, it shows the compass and my meters for a brief second and then fades to black. I tried...
  3. Trinity

    Did I just win a scavenger hunt?

  4. Onibigsun

    Two Buggies

    I enjoy the game thoroughly, it's entertaining and i love it... but i've run into two small problems. 1) can't open steam when paused, only can do so when unpaused. 2) encountered my first skeleton, and when i smacked him he deleted himself. I think he did so because the immense pain of getting...
  5. Myrlin

    My game is broken and I need help please

    Hello everyone, I recently downloaded the latest patch through Steam (as I always have) and now my game is very slow. When I start a new game in any game mode the game will be normal and then after a short while it slows dramatically and everything is as if in slow motion. My frame rate goes...
  6. Satorii

    Character position overflow and other errors

    edit: This is version! So, just after getting the night vision helmet, I encountered a series of errors preceded by my character seeming to "sink" into the ground and all of a sudden having its whole mesh extrude so far out it covers the whole screen. Here are a series of screenshots. I...


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