Arena Outfitting Hand and Black Viewport Graphical Glitch


Machine specifications
o Windows 10 x64
o GeForce GTX 960M
o Nvidia Drive 411.63
o Exanima V

I was outfitting my player-controlled character in the arena mode at the “adept” level giving him chain gauntlets, spaulders of the splint kind and plate couters all of which were of “exceptional” quality. He had been wearing a gambeson, chain leggings, Leather boots and cloth leggings all of which were of “exceptional” quality too and wielding a spiked club and red kite shield.

Upon adding the spaulders to the character, his left hand changed to a claw like hand pose and his left wrist were jutting out having them both clipping through the shield. Next, I added the plate couters and the hand had returned to grabbing the shield, but his wrist were still jutting through the shield.

I then removed the chain gauntlets, spaulders, plate couters and kite shield which returned things to normal and re-equipped them to end with the character viewport blacking out with the GUI flickering and nothing being interactable.

I haven’t been able to re-create the glitch. I can’t exactly recount what I was doing before what I’ve described only that I had been fighting in the arena with that player-controlled character and other characters.

Supporting images in google drive link:


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