1. H

    Some errors

    Hey there, I am new at this game. There is some Problem if i play for about 4 houers. This time i can't close the game and ther was soem GUI error, Save erorr. I was in he Spieder dungon and went thour the big doors wich you need to open up with the lever. These are the errors: Error: Error...
  2. G

    HELP! Save file corrupt after a crash.

    I've beaten the game a couple of times, so I figured that for this save I'll be a collector and collect every flawless condition weapon and armors, gems, scrolls, and books. I really swept and dug through every level. It really took me a long time, and I don't want to lose it like this because I...
  3. C

    [Bug] Fire Trap Error

    Hey, don't know if this bug is known but just in case I'll post it here. :) I found a lever-controlled fire trap thing near the bottom of the map. An Undead was walking over it so I activated it. It survived the first hit, so I kept doing it. After the third hit, the enemy died, but I got a...
  4. D

    Spamming inventory and switch equipped causes multiple issues and crashes.

    This is very consistent, it either causes an application handler error (much more common) or a crash (not responsive). The handler error popup window also cannot be closed and the only way to get rid of it is to relaunch the game. If you do try to go back into the story mode without relaunching...
  5. S

    Lighting Issues?

    Hi, all. Long time player first-time poster. I just updated to the new update and began playing but sadly there seem to be some lighting issues. About as game-breaking as you can get without actually breaking the game, if that makes sense. I've attached a picture that shows what's going on. In...
  6. T

    Revenge attack?

    After playing the newest patch for several hours I've taken note that whenever you deal damage and it staggers hard enough but doesn't knock the opponent down the AI immediately retaliates if you're close to it. There's a small pause and the swing begins from mid-animation but oddly the attack...
  7. J

    Inflating body psychedelic acid trip glitch (Error running sector simulation)

    Machine specifications o Windows 10 x64 o GeForce GTX 960M o Nvidia Drive 411.63 o Exanima V During the campaign, I was looting a room that has a large desk in the centre on the 4th map. Upon taking the key from said desk, a message popped up reading “Error running sector...
  8. J

    Arena Outfitting Hand and Black Viewport Graphical Glitch

    Machine specifications o Windows 10 x64 o GeForce GTX 960M o Nvidia Drive 411.63 o Exanima V I was outfitting my player-controlled character in the arena mode at the “adept” level giving him chain gauntlets, spaulders of the splint kind and plate couters all of which were of...
  9. Hearshot

    Lost health on save file load

    I was on floor 4. I had just beaten and was at about half health. I healed up and went to the next area. The game got stuck on a black screen and wouldn't load. I closed the game, reloaded - my healing item was used up, but my health reverted to the point at which it was before I used it. Bug?
  10. T

    [BUG] Cannot get to level 5 due to a (rare?) bug

    Was just checking around if there was something new added to the level 4 starting area and decided not to go yet to the area where the Beast is so I checked out if the level 5 entrance was still at the same place. Yes it was but now I'm in an endless loop of black screen and sounds of fire and...
  11. T

    [BUG] Companion re-transition resurrect glitch?

    Stumbled upon this within my first playthrough in the newest update. My companion was slain and I am sure of it because if he was knocked out he would've gotten up (witnessed this earlier, he drops his weapon when he's downed) and I couldn't have looted him like any other corpse. So I continued...
  12. Onibigsun

    Two Buggies

    I enjoy the game thoroughly, it's entertaining and i love it... but i've run into two small problems. 1) can't open steam when paused, only can do so when unpaused. 2) encountered my first skeleton, and when i smacked him he deleted himself. I think he did so because the immense pain of getting...
  13. J

    Found a inventory bug.

    If you try to open your inventory when you are switching your weapons, the game will freeze, forcing you to end the process from the task bar. I have tested this several times with multiple characters, and it freezes every single time you do this. This is a major bug and can loose you a lot of...
  14. P

    Inventory bug

    Inventory windows will not close properly even when I use ESC Here I will quit the main game to go to the arena:
  15. Sir NotABot

    Bug Report: 2 for 1 in Arena Shop

    Just noticed a bug with the arena shop giving you 2 items for the price of 1. Repro steps: Open the arena shop Move piece of armor/clothing to purchase panel Drag that item on to your person so they wear it Click the Trade button. Go to player management and see 2 of that item in your general...
  16. Peasant135

    Bare Mettle site Media section broken URLs

    I cant seem to access the screenshots in the Media section of the site for quite some time now. Is it gonna be fixed?
  17. Peasant135

    Exanima-Pixels Attack

    I've been playing around with Exnaima.ini file trying to lower the graphical settings below the limit set by the in-game menu. And some imp vandering nearby wispered in my ear "Hmmm...I wonder what would happen if I lowered this setting to zero...and below!" The results are both horrifying and...
  18. Peasant135

    [BUG] Able to wear two pairs of greaves at once

    Exanima v0.6.4.5. A fresh game. Arriving at the location of I try to exchange the greaves that I'm wearing with those I found there. This is the result. I can take them both off and put both on as much as I want, the bug persists.
  19. Myrlin

    My game is broken and I need help please

    Hello everyone, I recently downloaded the latest patch through Steam (as I always have) and now my game is very slow. When I start a new game in any game mode the game will be normal and then after a short while it slows dramatically and everything is as if in slow motion. My frame rate goes...
  20. T

    [BUG] Arms and feet partly deattached with certain clothing and armor

    http://imgur.com/a/SH2xH As you can see in the link, while wearing a coat with plate gauntlets or some of the non-metal (tested with many) trousers/leggings with plate cuisses, there will be gaps in character's body.


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