Spamming inventory and switch equipped causes multiple issues and crashes.

This is very consistent, it either causes an application handler error (much more common) or a crash (not responsive). The handler error popup window also cannot be closed and the only way to get rid of it is to relaunch the game. If you do try to go back into the story mode without relaunching the window persists and upon trying to exit again the game seems to crash (non-responsive).

From my testing, this only has happened in the story and not in the arena however this may be a result of my weapon setup which is unique to my story mode playthrough [primary is a torch and an ornate dagger, secondary is a two-handed sword]. I did get one bug in the arena when spamming, I had no weapon equipped and upon returning to the main menu the background image was black and there was an error behind the menu text (I don't remember what it said sorry).

Edit: As a side note the reason I found this is because I found that switching your equipped weapon has no animation if you are in your inventory so I rebound the inventory key to 'E' and would quickly press 'E' > 'R' > 'E' to instantly switch weapons. I don't know if this is a bug but it definitely seems like strange behavior.
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You can also get that black background error by entering practice arena. Open inventory (do not close), press ESC -> Exit.


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