Inflating body psychedelic acid trip glitch (Error running sector simulation)


Machine specifications
o Windows 10 x64
o GeForce GTX 960M
o Nvidia Drive 411.63
o Exanima V

During the campaign, I was looting a room that has a large desk in the centre on the 4th map. Upon taking the key from said desk, a message popped up reading “Error running sector simulation” and my character and torch fire began to non-uniformly inflate to comical proportions causing the fire to put on a psychedelic light show. My character controls had also been locked during the visual glitch. Through experimentation, I discovered that opening the inventory would revert my character back to its intended state but only while the inventory was opened.

I not sure if this is relevant information, in the adjacent room, I believe there’s a skeleton who’d been killed by the large hulking clawed beast that roams around that map.

Supporting video starts after I had taken the key:


Hi !
I just started the game recently. I'm still in the main map. I answer this post to give another example of this error.

Processor : Intel i9-9900K CPU@3.60 GHz
RAM : 64.0 Go
O.S. : Windows 10 Pro.
Graph Card : MSI Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
DirectX : 12
Game plateform : GoG 2.0.13 bêta
Examina : 0.7.3d

After I accomplished 5 (five) hours in a row on Examina. I encountered the first "error running sector simulation". It was followed by my character inflating or flying up toward the camera. It was not very clear as the error message didn't pup off.
As well after I exited the game, unable to do much but Ctrl+Alt+Esc and shutting done the task, I restarted the game to get "You've been killed ending message".

Then with another character it happened sooon after I met the peasant (for the first time) and fought against five to seven oponents. (don't recoil how many but there was at the minimum five encounters for sure).
This second error didn't provoke flying nor inflating character. But the pop up stayed still only to switch between different error warnings.
"error running sector simulation"
and collisions unable to be calculated ones.

No screen nor video to help yet.


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