1. L

    Can't equip stuff in Arena

    only weapons show up when i manage people in arena, am i missing something? it worked normally for a but when i started but then everything just disappeared, everything i own and buy shows up in arsenal
  2. S

    Lighting Issues?

    Hi, all. Long time player first-time poster. I just updated to the new update and began playing but sadly there seem to be some lighting issues. About as game-breaking as you can get without actually breaking the game, if that makes sense. I've attached a picture that shows what's going on. In...
  3. T

    Revenge attack?

    After playing the newest patch for several hours I've taken note that whenever you deal damage and it staggers hard enough but doesn't knock the opponent down the AI immediately retaliates if you're close to it. There's a small pause and the swing begins from mid-animation but oddly the attack...
  4. J

    Inflating body psychedelic acid trip glitch (Error running sector simulation)

    Machine specifications o Windows 10 x64 o GeForce GTX 960M o Nvidia Drive 411.63 o Exanima V During the campaign, I was looting a room that has a large desk in the centre on the 4th map. Upon taking the key from said desk, a message popped up reading “Error running sector...
  5. J

    Arena Outfitting Hand and Black Viewport Graphical Glitch

    Machine specifications o Windows 10 x64 o GeForce GTX 960M o Nvidia Drive 411.63 o Exanima V I was outfitting my player-controlled character in the arena mode at the “adept” level giving him chain gauntlets, spaulders of the splint kind and plate couters all of which were of...
  6. T

    [BUG] Companion re-transition resurrect glitch?

    Stumbled upon this within my first playthrough in the newest update. My companion was slain and I am sure of it because if he was knocked out he would've gotten up (witnessed this earlier, he drops his weapon when he's downed) and I couldn't have looted him like any other corpse. So I continued...
  7. Peasant135

    Layers issue.

    The issue here is not the chain coif clipping but rather the order of layers displayed in the game. I think the coif is supposed to fall freely over the chest armor rather than being tucked in under the shoulder straps like it is now.


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