Lighting Issues?


Hi, all. Long time player first-time poster.

I just updated to the new update and began playing but sadly there seem to be some lighting issues. About as game-breaking as you can get without actually breaking the game, if that makes sense.

I've attached a picture that shows what's going on. In addition, the issue affects wall mounted lighting, and some objects are highlighted at random with a yellowish glow. The problem comes and goes depending on the environment I'm in (seems to happen more near corners and intersections) and the angle I've got the camera at. It doesn't really affect game performance but is definitely unplayable as the combat is thrown off (not to mention the entire atmosphere and immersion are ruined).

I've tried reinstalling and fiddling with all the settings, as well as ensuring my computer is updated. I'd really love to get this sorted out as this is definitely one of my favorite games.



Yes, it's a known issue. They've been fixing various issues related to Intel graphics, but new drivers just keep adding new bugs and reintroducing old ones. The next update will come with a complete overhaul of the renderer, which hopefully will fix this and other issues.


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