HELP! Save file corrupt after a crash.


I've beaten the game a couple of times, so I figured that for this save I'll be a collector and collect every flawless condition weapon and armors, gems, scrolls, and books. I really swept and dug through every level. It really took me a long time, and I don't want to lose it like this because I want to build my own in-game museum in the future.
Every time I load the save, it just gives me a black screen. The game is also unresponsive, and all I can do is open the thaumaturgy tab, skills tab, and ESC tab. A dialogue box will always pop out. It says "Task fatal error, Task execution halted." If I choose to return to the menu after that, I will get that exact black screen as the background of my main menu.
After I close the game, a windows dialogue box saying another error will also appear as shown below

Is there anyone here who could perhaps take a look at my save file or tell me what to do?


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