technical support

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    this system does not meet the minimum requirements to run exanima

    Hello! Big fan of the project for a couple of years now, been checking the coffee diary regularly for a couple years now. I just changed the steam application for the beta version, and now the game won't open and says "this system does not meet the minimum requirements to run exanima", even...
  2. G

    HELP! Save file corrupt after a crash.

    I've beaten the game a couple of times, so I figured that for this save I'll be a collector and collect every flawless condition weapon and armors, gems, scrolls, and books. I really swept and dug through every level. It really took me a long time, and I don't want to lose it like this because I...
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    1 Week Later and No Steam Key

    Hello all - How did you guys get Bare Mettle to send you your Steam key? It says it can "take up to an hour" so this is pretty silly. Sent out two emails with no response. Maybe someone will see this.


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