Golem boss refuses to die

Good day,
I am enjoying the update and yes, albeit it can be very broken at times, this makes the experience very fun nonetheless. I am currently figuring out some weird quirks the new magic system allows but at the same time I think I managed to find a weird bug on my side at least: the Golem boss just won't die through damage dealt by the player or surroundings. I managed to get him killed by glitching him through the doors by accident and he dropped the crystal core but this time around I just can't seem to make him die at all, even by trapping him in the electricity trap as shown in the picture attached (See picture). He's been like that for a while already, shouldn't this be sufficient to kill him after a small amount of time at least?

Thank you in advance, hope this feedback helps you guys! Keep up the great work!



Small update: I have just tried to lure in another normal golem alongside and the result is the same: they both just refuse to die from damage dealt by the trap though they stun in place at least for a certain amount of time. I cannot post the screenshot for some reason.


hmm i just put heavy bench into bossroom doors and hiting him with overhead attack using polehammer XD
also im finaly find three ribon token in level 7, it's strange that I couldn't find out about this in any guide, but now it's writting on wiki


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