1. Arcanero

    Did a funny cut

    I'm new and already love this game and I hope that multiplayer will appear soon :3
  2. J

    Found a inventory bug.

    If you try to open your inventory when you are switching your weapons, the game will freeze, forcing you to end the process from the task bar. I have tested this several times with multiple characters, and it freezes every single time you do this. This is a major bug and can loose you a lot of...
  3. HopeDIV

    BareMettle Discord

    I've seen a few guys around who arn't aware of the discord, so here it is: https://discord.gg/HAcCD4m If your interested in the game and its philosophy, stop on by. Its the official discord and the devs do speak from time to time.
  4. Y

    Combat: Q, E, X plus Mouse

    Firstly, I am really loving the combat in Examina. I particularly appreciate the realistic blocking animations and the physics-based responses to strikes. I have a suggestion that would be relatively easy to implement while increasing playability. Presently, a thrust is performed by pressing...
  5. Deityfierezy

    Decrypting the map in level 2

    It seems that the map that is at level 2 has textures of higher resolution, so I leave an image for you to see it and make your thoughts: This is the image without any edits And the attached one is with my own thoughts


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