Progressive 'stance' skill-up system - hear me out!


Last week while playing exanima, i thought of a quite fitting progression system for a game like exanima/Sui Generis:

Imagine that there are weapon proficiency levels - swords, axes, spears etc. We all start with 0. Each enemy killed ( or strike on a un/living creature) grants some amount of weapon XP. Once a threshold is reached, your character levels up into level 1, then 2 etc.

At this point it's looking a little bit like skyrim, right? Well here's how it's different: Instead of some arbitrary points or skill trees to distribute points into, what if for each weapon there were 2 'stances' implemented. One that's a total shit stance for a chosen weapon (eg. the one we have now) , and one that's 'perfect' or 'ideal' (to be chosen by devs from a multitude of real-world sources). Just to have an example, let's say the 'ideal' stance for a longsword in exanima would be the Ox stance from this source: A Brief Look at Stances & Guards of Medieval Longsword (

Now, each level (or each milestone between 0-100lv) would change your 'default' stance from the shit one, a bit closer to the ideal one. And each such little progression, would make your strikes, reactions, parries etc. quicker/more powerful - depending on the stance. it makes sense, beacuse i imagine that melee weapon guard types weren't thought of without reason in real world.

I'm not an expert in any way, shape or form in either swordsmanship, or making games. Just something cool that i thought would be fitting :) If you read everything up to that point, i hope you'll have a splendid day.


I just saw that there is a 'thoughts and ideas general' pinned post. posted there, but i don't know how to remove this thread :(


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