sui generis

  1. Axiom

    A Lack of Transparency

    It's been almost a decade. Don't get me wrong - Exanima is a great game. The themes, style and design are reminiscent of what was mentioned in Sui Generis. While taking place in the same universe, Exanima is different. This much was made apparent early on, and especially in the last update from...
  2. A

    Sui Generis Availability

    Is it still possible to get access to the Sui Generis Alpha?
  3. Peasant135

    Vital Warrior Equipment thread.

    Lets play a game while we wait for SG to come out. You were traveling alone in the wilderness when you were ambushed by a dozen thugs and although you fought valiantly and killed few of them a lucky blow have sent you to respawn. When you came back you found yourself without your gear and set...


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