1. Peasant135

    90's Diablo thread.

    Ahh, Diablo I. Lets stay awhile and talk about first and, arguably the best, Diablo game and how it is similar and differrent to Exanima. Selected Cinematics:
  2. Peasant135

    "Let's Learn!" series: Exanima tutorials.

    Hi guys, there's this guy who makes Exanima tutorial videos on Youtube.I liked them a lot so I'll post them here. I embedded the videos in this thread, but if you found them helpful, let's go to his channel and this give him a thumbs up for his work!
  3. Satorii

    Useful combat advice from Roland Warzecha - "True times"

    Since Exanima uses mechanics that very closely mimic what it's like to move in real life, the tactics Roland describes in these videos prove to be very effective when applied to combat in the game. Yes, he mostly talks about weapon binds, which aren't really part of in-game combat, but there's...


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