90's Diablo thread.


Ahh, Diablo I. Lets stay awhile and talk about first and, arguably the best, Diablo game and how it is similar and differrent to Exanima.
Selected Cinematics:


I can see what you see not
Vision milky then eyes rot
When you turn they will be gone
Whispering their hidden song
Then you see what cannot be
Shadows move where light should be
Out of darkness, out of mind
Cast down to the Halls of the Blind

Ah. I still remember the first time I've played the one level demo, on my do-it-yourself PC, with Pentium 90 processor - yes, the one with faulty architecture. The mood and the ambience...
When the full game became available, I think I've done my longest single gaming session of thirty-something hours, without too many breaks.
Good'ole days...


Ahh the nostalgy is strong in this thread.

Diablo was pretty hard and unforgiving but not much more. In essence it still was just a simple mindless grind. Played it like mad cause it was the first one. Latest didn't even bother to try,as endless clicking and grinding doesn't really spark interest anymore.


Reminds me of this post I made in the mod ideas thread, from about three years ago.

Have been playing the alpha combat, and it just dawned on me... Blizzard's Diablo. Very grateful type of level design in that game as well, dungeon after dungeon below an old church. Many such assets will already exist natively. Imagine slaying little dæmonic minions and skeletons with your swords, axes, mage spells... Chamber after chamber, level after level, dungeon below dungeon. All this within a world with physical interaction... Fantastic!


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