0.6 Two handed sword swinging over enemy's head

All of the combat got tweeked.

Saying I'm wrong is just wrong.

Literally everything changed and saying everything changed in exactly the same proportion is so unlikely it approaches 0, AND even if it did change exactly the same across the board, changing speed (which happened) changes MVV (you know, energy) and it would take the slightest imbalance for a power L2R to have a new min/max or likelihood to reach those assuming they stayed the same. Nobody has said it couldn't happen before, but since the patch I've seen it happen at least 100% more often, too many variables to say exactly what happened, and it's possible it's 100% from user changes and nothing to be engine side, but it's unlikely it's 100% of either.

But at least we agree, something needs to change; even if it hasn't changed, yet.
Im not saying your wrong. Im not saying everything changed. Im not saying nothing changed. Something changed, for sure, but not in relation to LtR swinging over heads. This has been a thing since the combat beta.

Im saying that since the combat beta, you know, before exanima was even a concept, let alone a thing, the LtR has been consistently swinging over the tops of heads. An effective way to counter this to my knowledge, is by not dragging your aiming cursor towards the right side of your center mass once you start your LtR (assuming the LtR is your first swing, and not a follow up swing). Alternatively, you might want to try crouching just a bit as your performing the LtR swing. I haven't tried the crouching part yet, but I imagine it would work well.


Crouching a bit works fine but it changes your momentum. It's a stop gap for sure. But I and constantly working circles around targets and crouching changes your momentum a lot. I guess I won't care when I can get a pole-hammer in story mode, as it weighs a lot more and is much harder to make go overhead, and I'll basically exclusively use it, and it doesn't have the same issues.


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