A new system of interaction with physical objects



I have a suggestion, I don't know if it was mentioned before or planned by the developers.

Right now if you drag an object with the cursor, the object loses its physical properties. Flaws of the system are that:
- you can't interact with large or heavy objects;
- you have to carefully manipulate with objects within short range around the character;
- when you capture an object with the mouse, it loses its physical properties, which is inconvenient, can cause bugs or exploits, as well as destroying the atmosphere of the game;
- you can't manipulate with several objects directly. For an example: you can't affect other things with what you hold in the cursor;
- each object that you crab is centered in the cursor;
- you can't reach some containers that lays inside cabinets. For an example: metal boxes at Sir's level;
- you don't have the ability to drag an object while move your character. Etc.
Exanima already has another cursor-object mechanics, you might see this system when you drag corpses. In my opinion this mechanics is better suited for regular objects, because it doesn't contain flaws that I listed above. Also it will provide some great features:
- the object you move with the cursor stays as a physical object, so it might affect other environments;
- you might manipulate with large and heavy objects, this already done as well, for an instance - Sir's corpse;
- without centering an object at the cursor you might grab a heavy object by the corner and try to collapse it;
- you might drag an object with the cursor while walking to some place;
- other improvements.
If there are no technical issues to realise this system - why not?

What do you think?

Also, I've made short video of the "bug" of the current mechanics I mentioned above:


I somewhat agree with you. Its not 100%. However, there are other aspects of the game that should be prioritized. This you speak of shouldn't be looked at until Sui Generis development starts, in my opinion.


i think they still need to have the ability to remove something physics... if they changed entirely to a physics based grab/move mechanic it would make places objects on shelves or on top of each other pretty difficult and that's also a part of the game. However I would really enjoy seeing a system more like OP has stated, just think we need to have a method to entering it.

I'd recommend that if your inventory is open you can drag things around (and into your inventory) as you do now. with no physical presence. and if it's closed then you can drag things around more like doors and dead bodies. I think they both have great applications.


Ideally you'd want to combine these two systems, I think. Real time physics manipulation like Qazlal suggests as standard, and hold 'alt' to enter precise placement mode a la the current system. Just thinking aloud here.
You know, by using that glitch with a small box, the one that looks kinda like a tray, you can use it to walk through air, somewhat like the prop-clipping glitch in source. You can also skip massive portions of the game like this aswell.


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