a Suggestion (feudal system)



I didnt knew where to put this in maybe you can make a "Suggestions" Section? Anyway I put it in here now .. Like the title says i have a suggestion about the feudal system. Maybe the Player could be able to found his own dynasty so he can become a Landlord/Knight .. maybe even a King?

I knew a game once i cant remember the name but you could become a King and sometimes when you got back to your kingdom some peasants came to ask the king if he could invest more in farming so the peasants could become more efficient in farming or someone else asked if the king could lower the taxes and stuff. This could really impact the whole world of the game. What do you think could this be doable or doesnt fit it in your concept of the game?


That sounds a bit too much like Fable takes on the family though, with it being something on the side of the gameplay that is basically a cash cow. If they were to include something like that then I would prefer it to be more like a stepping stone to quests that can be found in court intrigues or in helping locale community figures like a village chief or maybe even the local bandit band attain prominence.

discovering the details of the world and the governance of it is something that I look forward to, and especially the relation between the power hungry magicians and the old nobility, presuming that there will be such a nobility


I like this idea, having your own property to upgrade. However I do understand where Henry is coming from with the "cash cow" thing. It would have to be done fairly which could end up with some people complaining that the income is not realistic.


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