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Hello everyone,

I just joined this community and would like to say hello. I just bought the game from steam and would like to say that it's a good game, keep it going!

I think i might stumbled upon an error or something, i was in the Arena, after defeating 1st enemy and took his club in my inventory, when i did this the following crash appeard (check picture)TDR error.JPG

Now i've checked the link from the error "http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3633"

I have a GTX 650ti videocard and playing at 1900x1200 resolution, running on Windows 10. Should i decrease the settings or something?



Project Lead
I started having this issue with one my video cards once. I think I ultimately had to replace the video card, I hope that's not your case though. Has it only happened once? Any idea how long you'd been playing the game for?


Check the Nvidia drivers forum. Some drivers have been implicated informally in tdr problems and blue screens. Like madoc, though, I think mine were a combination of bad drivers and a card starting to go.


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