About character data save in "Sui Generis"


So, over one year ago (on 12 IV 2016 to be precise) I've sent a message to "[email protected]" with questions regarding economy and save data storage. I still haven't received any response, so that's why I created this thread now.

The question is:

Is the idea for online-ONLY character data save in "Sui Generis" still a thing?

If the answer is "no", then you don't need to read the rest of this post (marked as "spoiler"), because it's outdated.

If yes the answer is "yes", then I'd like you to read the rest of this post (stuff taken straight from my email, marked as "spoiler") and address my concerns. Thank you.

Out of all your ideas for the game, every single one is brilliant... except one. My next question is: how is the whole idea of storing players' characters' data on your servers going to look in practice? Because I'm really skeptical about that.
  • it's a DRM system in itself, forcing players to be online in order to play in a single player mode :/
  • my internet connection tends to break randomly. How will it affect my game data if happening in a middle of actual gameplay?
  • my connection is also REALLY slow. Will it cause my game to lag in single player (which is quite an absurd but still happens in "Diablo III" for example)? I'm far from being an expert, but in my opinion the best way possible to get such issue out of the way is to make the game use internet connection ONLY two times during a single gameplay session:
    • when starting (loading - downloading data) the game,
    • when exitting (saving - uploading data) the game.
  • how can I be sure that my save data is stable and always retrievable? I guess it all depends on how safe your servers are. I only hope that if you really must implement this system (which I simply hate, but that's just my opinion) into the game, you're going to be fully prepared for providing us - the players - the best possible safety for our save data.

So that's all. Sorry if I'm bit of a complainer here, but that's just my point of view, which's never gonna change.


Thanks for the response!

Well, I could've sworn I've seen some posts about this (about year ago) with people kinda raging at this idea, also comparing it to a DRM system of sorts (like I did in my email).

Anyway, it doesn't matter now. I'm just happy that my greatest fear about SG is gone for good.

Thread can be closed now (or even deleted, as it's not even that meaningful).


A bit late, But I believe this was only discussed in relation to online gameplay/servers not single-player. Since then a lot has changed, I'm not sure their original plans for large online elements are still intact.

"As I said earlier characters would be stored on our servers. Online play with client side characters is just plain silly in our opinion. Unfortunately there are many other ways to cheat in online games, especially action games with even the simplest physics interactions."
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People will manipulate save games.

Everything that goes online will face a fair amount of troubles that i dont think any company focused on single player can face.


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