About the compass.


There's something I want to point out about Exanima's UI.
The compass is, by now, the only item that acts like a passive bonus, presenting itself on the HUD, instead of being an active object, that gives you information when you ask for them.
I believe that, as long as maps are active objects, it doesn't make sense that the only other navigation tool have to work differently; I think it would be more coherent if the compass could open its own "itemized window" with a double click, similarly to the behaviour of maps.

I know it is the lesser of the details, but I've never seen it being adressed.

I hope you're all doing well, keep it up! : )


You make an interesting point, ultimentally this is probably a game design choice to facilitate gameplay, but its also very old and something that may be subject to change in the future.

However, a counter point would be that a compass can be somthing you glance aat and immediately to know the information, while a map is something that is generally studied to find your location and prospective landmarks. Framing it this way makes more sense to have it as a UI element , also in a general loot and design perspective.

It'll be interesting if there are more items that effect the UI in the future. For now its something thats mostly fallen to the wayside.


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