I'm just curious if the devs gave any information about alchemy, enchanting, runes or something similar.
A deep alchemy mechanics would really fit in the world imo.
Any thought or info is welcomed.


I think they would rather have people craft ''For you''. What about bringin' or huntin' required materials for crafters?
That's how I understood it too. You'd commission a new sword from a blacksmith instead of crafting it yourself


That's a nice option.
But my idea on the subject ( im talking about alchemy now ) is, becouse this game ( as i remember the devs. said) is about exploring, you cant put skillpoints on it. Instead you have to experiment, and learn it by yourself.
And ofc if you dont really care about alchemy, you can just buy your potions.
EDIT: There's also a journal in the game where you can write your discoveries.


Anything that overlaps what magic will do is redundant. So while there can be many reasons to put alchemy in, the main reason to not have it would be this redundancy. That and BM hates consumables and limited use items, and unless enemies use alchemy well, it would be a player charecter only thing, and that's not going to happen.

I like the idea, but ultimately I don't think it fits, even if healing potions are in the game. Unfortunately, those might be anomalies or aren't made from alchemy, like it's water from the river Stix or the snot from the god or something, or maybe it's just raw turmaturgic energy, who knows.


I hope, if there is alchemy, that we get to do things like coat our weapon in poisen :D

edit* It could work *only* when you land a strike that cause bleeding, meaning non-piercing (the strike doesn't cut skin) doesn't do anything
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I'd like alchemy if like stated above you have to go to a person to have stuff made for you. Maybe alchemy could imbue a person with certain bonuses (not necessarily stat bonueses) and like NachoDawg said can be used as a poison on your weapons.


I don't see any place for weapon coating in exanima, but possibly in sui generis. Either way, weapons are already very powerful, what would a festering wound do to a dead person?


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