Alpha 0.6 Armor


Project Lead
Do item weight (weight of armour you're wearing) and strength (muscle in character creation) also affect animations and movement, aside from encumbrance?
We've avoided giving strength a specific advantage in Exanima because it would just limit the player's aesthetic choices and the game isn't long enough for it to be something that can change with training. All things that affect mass, its distribution and body structure have implicit effects on animation, but besides the encumbrance system and certain unbiased physique adjustments we don't explicitly modify animations.
I don't mean to derail this thread, but I hate posting new threads for just one quick question.

Does character height/weight/masculinity/fatness, etc have any actual impact on the player currently?
If not, will it?


it does and it basically does everything you'd think it does. You should do novice arena and test the extremes to "see" how they work.


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