annyoing "drag and drop system"


I actually know there's tonnes of people frustrated with the game, just check the game's Steam forum page hehe

You know, just being able to "save" an item set and then just click'n'drag that around could probably do a lot of good

A reason that might never exist though is that you're supposed to have item sets for all your fighters, as in later patches you will use hired fighters to accompany you in the arena. Ya'll can't share plate mail then :p
Did you guys ever think about the fact that someone frustrated by this game or annoyed in any way wont register in a forum and maybe thats why you dont see any posts like these? And to me it also costs energy to write those threads i was thinking about just deleting game at a certain point and that was sad because i liked it especially the fighting system. I grew up with Magic the gatthering, Baldurs Gate and other rpg but i guess im not that much into "realism" at any cost like some others :-(

I guess i have to keep switching equipment for hours

@ChavaiotH so then dont bring the realism argument....

However, i wish you all a nice day :)
It's a Beta, there will be problems, and the community, cannot fix them by themselves.


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