Any Plans for Releasing a Level Editor/Scenerio Maker/Dev Tools?

Obviously, this game is very early access, so this is only something I would expect a while after the game(s) itself is finished. But the devs have mentioned before that they have an in-house editor that makes throwing dungeons together a breeze - are there any plans to refine that software for the general playerbase? It wouldn't have to be integrated into the game or made easy to use, but maybe just something thrown into the installation folder for curious modders to play with - it could lend itself to some Steam Workshop integration, or custom player-made assets, both of which would significantly add to replayability.

Love the game btw, am excited to see where the development goes with it!


A level editor/modding support is something that is planned (though not a guarantee), but if it comes it wont be released until after the game is finished.


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