Anyone Playing Chivalry: medieval Warfare here ?


I was, for a week ... then i tried War of the roses and as a mount and blade player i like it much more. But both are great games and i think i'll be playing them both for some time.


Supported their Kickstarter and was playing the Beta, but haven't played after release so far.
So many games, so little time...


I still play this game, I love it.
The physics of the weapons are awesome, I recommend it for everyone that like multiplayer and pretty decent First Player Slashed physics.
Also it's terribly funny ;)
I made a short video from it a while ago :


Used to play it quite a bit when it was launched and still do occasionally. It's a fun game. I feel like Deadliest warrior lost much of the charm medieval warfare had because it's too over the top, which is a shame.
I absolutely love what Chivalry aimed at doing.. but one simple thing turned me off (made me rage quit) from that game: reverse overhead swings & the lookdown forward overhead swing. Other than that I absolutely love the game! The damn battle cries are pure epicness in a bottle wrapped in gold. xD

@Pilluminati My biggest issue with DW is the lack of a TO in the sense MW has. That, and 6 team deathmatches. Ugh. xD
I really enjoy Chivalry even when getting murdered lol the deadliest warrior DLC rocks for the price (in sale) being a fan of the show too helps but wow :D.


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