Arena ideas


Since the latest update I saw the new 2 handed sword that can be socketed with an amber to give off a flaming effect, thought it would be interesting to add items like this to the arena.

Would be cool to have specific fights show up occasionally to fight against overwhelming odds for example: 1v3 fight against the creatures from the sewers and instead of monetary gain from the fight you earn a "unique" weapon/armor that can be socketed, sortof like a boss fight for arena mode. Or at the very least, beast modes where the player faces against 1 or multiple skeletons/zombies/sewer creatures/golems.

Also add another vendor to the hub that sells items like the gems for sockets and throw-ables like bombs/throwing knives/healing salves/etc.

I would also like to see some of the content already in game from the story mode show up at the vendors in the arena(mostly the splint armor set from the sewers and the curved swords from the dual wielders in the crossroads)


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