Arsenal Window - Arena (Organization)


The basic functionality of the Arsenal window in Arena works well. Although I suspect things are going to get a bit cluttered when the Recruits and gear start piling up, especially if/when stripping down older existing characters to equip newer characters, etc.

I would like to see a more organized system in order to facilitate whatever it is the player is trying to do.

Consider this example:

I have a character that just reached Aspirant Rank. So in the Roster > Manage window I set the Rank Slider to Aspirant (which now shows the character wearing Inept Rank gear). What I want to do is click on the various tabs in the Arsenal window and see the available gear I can equip at Aspirant Rank rather than trawl through everything checking for Aspirant Rank gear (one dot). This process will become increasingly difficult as the Arsenal fills up with ever more gear.

So I can think of two solutions to this:

1) At the top of the Arsenal window there are 5 tabs (square tiles) that can be used to filter various types of gear. Below this there could be another row of tabs (containing names or dots) that correspond to the particular Rank of gear we want to filter/view. So in the previous example, say we click the first tab in the Arsenal, Melee Weapons; then it (by default) shows all our melee weapons. Except now if we click on another tab corresponding to Aspirant/One Dot (in a strip of new tabs below the existing tabs), then we can toggle a filtered view of only the Aspirant weapons (that we're actually looking for).

2) Another way of implementing the same functionality (with a single additional button) would be to have a Rank Filter button somewhere in the Arsenal window. When pressed it would toggle a filtered view of available gear corresponding to the selected Arsenal tab (in this case melee weapons) further filtered by the Rank currently set with the Rank Slider (that already exists in the left-hand window), which in this case is Aspirant, therefore showing us only Aspirant melee weapons.

Implementing a Rank Filter for available gear would make it much easier for us to find what we're looking for and no doubt additional improvements could be made to such a system over time to further improve functionality.

In fact there could be another Rank Filter button near Inventory/Other Items to apply the same functionality (gear filtering by Rank (Slider)) to our Inventory/Other Items panes (given they too will eventually become very cluttered).

Finally, apologies to whomever is responsible for programming the UI, since you probably want to strangle me by now :rolleyes:


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