bann appeal number 3

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you guys confirmed that i was not responsible of the alt accounts, you literaly blamed me without evidence and told me that i was banned for some other reason that I KNOW

i was banned for not landing a joke about the damn steamkey and you dennied my requests, i demmand awnsers. you are moderators godamit


As has been discussed before, you were not banned for asking for a steam key, that was added to the end of the notes. The notes Parco posted in the first ban appeal explained the final action(s) that lead to the ban and were altered to exclude notes about other member's actions during that time. For clarity here is the full ban :

Hope 01/25/2021
Reason: General trolling, causing far too many problems in #exanima chat, unwilling or not able to maintain a conversion without pissing off half the active server.

[12:46 PM]
Additional Info: Several users directly antagonized him without good provocation including but not limited to (Name removed, Name removed, Name removed)

[12:47 PM]
Also begged for an Exanima key. The_Guy_with_a_shitty_mic

This was with the context of 3 warnings within the month of January. I'm sorry but there is nothing indicating a reason for us to rescind the ban at this stage.
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