Becoming a late backer of Sui Generis

I'm really impressed by Exanima, even though I completely suck at combat. I'm also really intrigued about Sui Generis. Unfortunately I missed the kickstarter.

I would like to know, is there a way to get a late backer status by using PayPal or some other method? I really want to show my support for the project (and get access to cool digital stuff).
I will definitely gift Exanima to friends that like hard games (like Dark Souls). Just want not to suck at combat first ;)

@Greenbrog I don't want to be unfair to any of the existing backers, but I don't think having a wider "insider" audience would be a bad thing. I'm not looking for getting the extras on EXTRA TIER, or all the fancy stuff you could do on 150+ tiers. I just want the access to cool things in 60 tier.

I know that some games dealt with fairness to early backers by charging late backers a bit more for the same access level, usually to the tune of 10%. I would be more than happy to pay 66 quid for the 60 tier. Would probably round it up to 70.
Now that we got the awesome 0.6 update, and the awesome feature list of the upcoming patch, I want more than ever to show my appreciation for this game. Devs, give us PayPal/Amazon/whatever late backer option!


As an insider myself, I wouldn't mind letting other people buy their way in (That sounds so weird..).
Of course, the cost would have to be a tad higher than with the kickstarter; I still want there to be some benefit to what we did. :p

As said before: The best way to help BM right now is by purchasing extra copies and give them to friends. I've been doing the same here at work, and I think it might help quite a bit.


User base have grown a lot recently, so I assume we will only benefit if we let more people to donate on project.
I can't see why someone should be against it - it's all just for good sake for our beloved game.
Yeah, some of the folks I know will be getting surprise Exanima gift for Christmas :) I still wouldn't mind spending in 80-100GBP for some extras. I've already got more fun out of Exanima than several AAA titles combined.


No offence to Steam, but I'd rather just have a direct Donate button so all the cash goes towards development.


Thanks guys. But I don't need another five or ten copies of the game, one is enough. Also no need for t-shirts and suchlike o_O

What I meant was literally just a direct Donate button, so we can fund the game(s) directly.
Not sure if it's better to buy directly. I've seen at least one game developer say that yes, they do get a little bit less from purchases on steam, but steam tends to show off games with more sales more often. Which ultimately leads to more sales and more money. I would really like to hear from @Madoc which one they think is better for their business.


Came back to the site recently (after staying away from the purchase for a good while) in order to purchase Sui Generis, but it wasn't in the store anymore, so I settled for Exanima on Steam. Got it on Nov 20th, beat the Arenas and put a good 20 hours into the campaign with two characters (both on a completed level 4 atm).
Shame I've been late to the party, but I, too, would shell out some extra cash for SG over the ones backing it on kickstarter if I could buy it now.


I'm pretty sure they want to avoid the image of being one of those money-hungry dev teams. Too many early-access games have succumbed to the allure of money.


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