Blood pools

Dear all,

I know Madoc is the only one who's working on this project right now and thus this could be considered a trifling feature but I've always thought blood pools could be great since it'd make the game feel more realistic, which is one of the aims of Exanima. I'm dead sure this is not the first time this topic has been tackled in this forum but I just wanted to remind it.

As for the new AI I take advantage of this opportunity to do extol the new system since enemies are not only bolder but they act like humans. Combats are now a real challenge and sometimes incredible things can happen.
I've always been very critic with the combat system but it's reaching its pinnacle, in my humble opinion.

I wish this project continued forever since this game is by far my favorite one. An Exanima open world would be a wet dream.

Thanks for the hard work, no matter if Exanima keeps us waiting for ages, the wait is always worth it.


AND, I'll add that it would be a great feature if when walking in one, you run the risk of slipping over in it (decreased traction with the ground / floor caused by blood acting as lubricant) ^^
Would add a lot to combat.


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