Boardgame kickstarters

Sony Black

Hello everyone, I haven't posted here in quite some while :)

In recent years I've gotten deeper and deeper into the boardgame hobby and recently started to look for promising kickstarters.

Disclaimer: I realize a LOT of kickstarted boardgames come out as suboptimal, but some are real gems.

Lets start:
I'm currently backing this game: Napoleon Saga: Waterloo

It is a light(ish) 2 player wargame. What caught my eye was the promise to be accessible for "nongamers" and still interesting for veterans. I currently don't have any wargames in my collection and this seems like it could easily be very good. Another draw for me is that I personally enjoy the art style of the cards.

Though to be honest I do realize there are some risks here: the biggest is the creator, even though they have a lot of touch with boardgames (I think they are the owner of a boardgame cafe in france), this is his first design...

Currently I'm eagerly awaiting a video of actual gameplay (the creator hopes they will get it out this week) and the revised version of the rulebook.


This is nice; the only thing I really look to back on kickstarter are some good boardgames.

(...and sui generis if I knew about it)

Sony Black

They finally posted a gameplay video for the project in my opening post, but sadly it is in french...

Well, better than nothing I guess :D here is a link to the update with the video: (update #33).

The campaign is going quite well and they also added that backers could increase their plegdes to get an expansion (two more armies and rules for a solo mode).

Has anyone else encountered any interesting projects? :)


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