Breakable, Interactive Environment

Now, when I say 'breakable, interactive environment', I mean breakable doors or even possibly walls. Many factors can play into this, such as this ability being exclusive to ogres or larger creatures, but I feel like it'd be amazing to be looting a dungeon room clad in your knightly armor to have an ogre burst through the wall because you were a bit too noisy. That brings me to another idea, if they ever add stealth elements, your character accidentally knocking over an item could alert nearby NPC's. You could possibly throw objects to distract them as well.

I also feel as if it'd look quite nice with the game's engine (I think that's what you'd call it), considering they could make it where the wall/door just 'falls apart' into pieces. Same with furniture if taken enough abuse. I feel like this would urge you to barricade doors under the right circumstances, as well!

This is purely suggestions and something that I felt would add another element and layer of variety to the game. Apologies if this seems sloppy, I wanted to just splat them down before I lost them. Also sorry if any of these ideas have been listed previously.
I really hope they implement something like Breakable environments/objects in the near future.

I want to imagine being able to put a Bomb nearby a cracked wall to open a secret room.

Or a bomb in the floor to reveal access to the lower level



Well it could be implemented to only work on certain materials. Such as flimsy wooden doors and wooden walls. The stouter doors with iron reinforcements and metal entryways along with the stone walls could be unbreakable to avert bypassing.


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